Climate change can influence all environmental sectors and all types of land use. The extent of the impact will, however, be regionally diverse. The integrative project organisation with five modules-soil, water, agriculture, forest and biodiversity-is aiming at comprehensive statements and a future-oriented landscape management.

The time period under consideration is divided: till 2050, and till 2100. All modules start with the actual climate situation and already existing effects. With the background of regional climate projections, and by scenario analysis and simulations, actual and future vulnerable areas shall be identified and future developments shall be depicted. The target is to assess the extent of potential climate developments and the consequences for relevant environmental fields and the whole land use including conservation of biodiversity in Rhineland-Palatinate. Part of the project is a stakeholder analysis, where countrywide and regional-specific adaptation options shall be discussed with stakeholders.

According to the concept “Living with climate change through adaptation and future-oriented landscape management,” the aim of KlimLandRP is to investigate the impacts and consequences of climate change in Rhineland-Palatinate in a comprehensive manner. All fields of environment and all types of land use are included. The following sub-goals are on the agenda:

  • Analysis of the present climate and assessment of future climate developments
  • Development of methods to understand sector-specific consequences of climate change
  • Gain of knowledge about expected consequences of climate change (vulnerability)
  • Presentation of risks / opportunities
  • Development of scientifically based adaptation measures
  • Identification of domains for further research